Meet the Artist

Step into the vibrant world of Rafael Espitia, an artist based between Seattle and Miami. Espitia's artistry dives deep into figurative expressionism, where colors communicate profound emotions and imaginative narratives, arbitrarily wielding colors to express his inner world.

Espitia's art transcends reality, entering a realm described as 'real marvelous,' akin to the fantastical storytelling of Alejo Carpentier. His paintings are portals to a dimension where fantasy and magic coexist, igniting wonder and captivating imaginations. Exhibiting in iconic venues like New York's Chelsea Art District and Miami's Wynwood Art District, Espitia's art resonates globally.

Beyond canvas, Espitia influences interior design, film, and television, driven by an unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries. Immerse yourself in Rafael Espitia's mesmerizing artistry, where color and emotion intertwine, narrating captivating stories.

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