About Us

The Artist Behind the Magic

Born in the vibrant city of Cartagena, Colombia, in 1967, Rafael Espitia is an artist who breathes life into the canvas with his unique vision. He now divides his creative journey between the bustling streets of Miami and the nostalgic charm of Cartagena.

Espitia's artistic odyssey has seen him grace prestigious galleries and exhibitions across the globe. From the illustrious Chelsea Art District in New York to the colorful Wynwood Art District in Miami, his works have left audiences spellbound.

His art speaks of vibrant colors, a fusion of emotions, and an exploration of figurative expressionism. Yet, his canvas is not confined to traditional boundaries. Discs of vinyl, recycled and reimagined, and sculptures crafted from discarded materials are all part of his enchanting repertoire.

Step into the world of Espitia, where art transcends the ordinary, and the extraordinary comes to life on the canvas.